Guide for Choosing Your Dream Villa in Coimbatore

The real estate industry has undergone a drastic change in recent years. Real estate developers are coming up with projects and techniques to align with buyers’ demands and need. Are you looking forward to buying a property? Do you know that purchasing a property during its launching phase has many perks? While looking for a property, we often come across terms like “Pre-launch” and “New-launch”. They denote housing projects that are initially launched. During the pre-launch phase, developers send out words for the house sale. Pre-launch is an ideal phase to invest in property. The property will be cost-effective and reduce your financial burden to a great extent.

If you are someone who can wait for a while before moving into your new house, then the pre-launch phase is the apt time to buy your dream house.

Here are the benefits you enjoy when you make a property purchase in the launching phase.


Builders come up with exclusive offers for early birds. Reputed real estate developers offer attractive prices and discounts at the launch of a new project to pull in more buyers and investors. In this competitive market, developers try to draw buyers with attractive offers. Planning to buy a dream house? The pre-launch phase is the best time to book your property at a reasonable rate. You might have to pay an additional amount to purchase the same property a few months later. People interested in purchasing a budget apartment should go for these properties. Once the developers withdraw this offer, the prices will shoot up. There is a common saying that Early Birds Get Worms. So think smart and invest smartly.


People booking their property or house at the pre-launch phase enjoy an exclusive facility. If you opt for a pre-launch project, you get the privilege to customize your house the way you want it. Since the project will be under construction, you can customize and modify it according to your preferences. You can book the unit of your choice with the best view, favorable location, and easy accessibility all within your budget. Early birds have the option to personalize their interior designs and layouts at a pre-launch purchase rate. Developers tend to consider your request without any difficulty at this initial phase.


Real estate is an ever-growing sector. Investments made today fetch a handsome profit in the future. An improved living standard has enabled people to focus on real estate investments. Buying a pre-launch property gives you the advantage of booking the property before the rate shoots up. It is a smart investment as you get the property at reduced rates. You can enjoy higher returns on selling the property when the neighborhood develops. An ideal opportunity to secure your future with a smart investment.


We generally opt for home loans while planning to invest in villas and houses. Loans come with interests and down payments. Along with the tax benefits of a home loan, homebuyers can live the dream of owning a home with ease. But when you buy a property during its new launch phase, you can avail of the ‘No EMI Till Possession’ scheme.

The scheme states that the home buyers are not bound to pay EMI till possession. And the home buyer can make only an initial payment of 20% of the total cost to the builders.

This comes as a huge financial relief to buyers and investors. No EMI Till Possession is a convenient scheme to aid buyers at the apt time.

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